Ulefone Armor x5 Waterproof Phone – best sailing phone?

I’ve had a spectacularly unlucky year with broken phones, and finally came to the conclusion that, now I’m living on a boat, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a ruggedised, waterproof mobile phone.

The Ulefone Armor range of phones are waterproof to 30m, provided you haven’t damaged the casing or left the access panels for the headphone socket, USB and SIM cards open. They come already equipped with drop-proof casing and an anti-scratch screen cover, and all that for under £150. So let’s see what they’re really like to use as a phone…


Takes two SIM cards, and/or an SD card.

Reasonable built in memory.

Good camera and video, including advanced effects like panorama.

Good screen.

It comes pre-installed with a useful toolbox, including – spirit level, calculator, torch, notepad, compass, magnifier, plumb bob, alarm bell, and height meter.

Easy set-up.

I have to say, so far I’m really happy with this phone. I’ve had it a week and am really enjoying it.


It weighs like a brick!

There’s no back button, so you have to swipe left and right, which can be a little oversensitive, but you get used to it.

It could do with a wrist strap attachment so you don’t drop it when swimming/canoeing/sailing, etc… as it really won’t float!


If you like to use your phone in all conditions – either sports, work, or like me – life – then this phone is definitely for you. Check out the photos I took with it below, and prices and availability to buy online.

See what you think, check out other people’s reviews on Amazon for this phone and other Ulefone waterproof phones…    https://amzn.to/36uOxT0